Vegan Chef



I am a Musician, Audio Technician, Sound Designer and Vegan Chef living in Berlin. I was raised by a Church Musician and a Computer Programmer near Frankfurt am Main. I am interested in Controlling and being controlled. But it is much easier to let go after i understood. I believe in Solid State Intelligence. There is a artifical Lifeform in the machines. I have played in many Bands like The Casanova Action, Die united Ass Crew, Belgiaan RRobots, Qrey Boxes, The People og Korh, Nora Volkova Ensemlbe and now the Ruins of Krüger. I organised Performances and Concerts with das Glas-Insitut from 2009-2010. I also worked as the Musician with Tobias Schülke on several Theaterpieces. Also i provided a lot of Music and Sounds to Dennis Albrecht Film Production for 2 Projects. Actually today i do Mastering for Inox Kapell. i sometimes record bands i like and i am producing mostly electronic dance music under the mohiker concierge_weetr (solo) and together with z.k.bucket as Deuterium. This is meant as some kind of public portfolio and trashbin. so go fuck yrself.